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Concorde Is Going Out With More Than A Sonic Boom

(May 29, 2003)

Concorde is going out with more than a sonic boom. Last week, British Airways confirmed that a Spanish couple did indeed join the Mile High Club on a flight from London to New York City. The couple is the first to be confirmed for having a lusty liaison in the Concorde's 30-year history.

A British Airways spokesman was quoted in London's Sun newspaper stating: "We certainly want the last few months of Concorde to be a celebration - but this pair celebrated a bit more than we expected. It shows that some things in Spain do stay mainly on the plane. We only hope that the earth moved for them at twice the speed of sound."

What's even more interesting is that all this amorous activity took place three rows in front of British Airways CEO, Rod Eddington. He was overheard telling a shocked flight attendant to "let them enjoy themselves."

1 In 10

Earlier this year, British online travel firm Opodo conducted a survey of travelers and found one in ten air travelers claim to have had sex during a flight. And, more than half wished they too could join the Mile High Club. So, what is it about airplanes? It's hard to say, but the desire has been around since the early days of flying. Perhaps a little history lesson is in order.

Flying Floozies

According to the Mile High Club website, the Mile High Club's founding member was aviation prodigy Lawrence Sperry, a stunt pilot who developed the famous aircraft flight control known as autopilot. Sperry, with use of his new invention, flew the first known Mile High Club flight in November of 1916.

It all started when Sperry began giving flying lessons to a wealthy socialite named Mrs. Waldo Polk, who became more interested in Sperry than his fancy flying. So, on one fateful November day, while flying in a Curtiss flying boat over Babylon, New York, Sperry and Polk had an encounter that had nothing to do with flying lessons. While engaging in "lusty aerobatics" with the plane on autopilot, something went wrong and the plane plunged 500 feet into the South Bay. Luckily for the hedonistic couple, two duck hunters witnessed the crash and were able to rescue them. He was able to walk and she was brought to a local hospital in a stretcher. Sperry later told a friend that he bumped the gyro platform during their aerial maneuvering.

So, what kinds of people today want to go "to great heights" while flying? Surprisingly, normal everyday folks do. During my years as a flight attendant, the people I caught in the throes of "skylust" were often professionals such as doctors, lawyers, executives, and even housewives. So again, what is it about airplanes? The reason I've always heard was, "I've always wanted to do it on an airplane."

Plane Harmless?

While joining the Mile High Club may seem harmless or even amusing, it has caused some problems for airlines. Virgin Atlantic Airways has had to replace diaper changing tables in its newest planes because passengers have broken them during illicit trysts, the airline said. Several years ago, Singapore Airlines stated that one-third of its "unruly behavior" cases requiring cabin-crew intervention involved sexual misconduct. It can become a safety issue anytime a crewmember is called from his or her duties to deal with unruly passengers, particularly when the cockpit crew has to leave the flight controls to deal with incidents. A Virgin spokesman added, "We don't mind couples having a good time, but this is not something that we would encourage because of air regulations."

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