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Hooters Air Takes Off March 6

(February 28, 2003)

Hooters Air, billing itself as "delightfully tacky, and now cruising at 35,000 feet," will bounce on down the runway March 6 on its inaugural flight from Atlanta to Myrtle Beach. The flights are on 737 aircraft, with 112 leather seats and the Hooters Owl painted on the aircraft's tail. To celebrate the occasion, Hooters Air is offering bodacious savings with an introductory round-trip fare of $99.

As with the restaurant chain, Hooters Air will staff the jet with two "Hooters Girls" in tight T-shirts and shorts. The jets also will have three flight attendants for "traditional" safety-related functions.

The flights will be classified as "public charter," but will operate on a schedule four days a week. Customers can book through the Hooters Air Web site, and phone number, 1-888-FLY-HOOT (359-4668). Service from Newark to Myrtle Beach via Atlanta will begin March 20.

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