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It's Liftoff For Hooters Air

This is not an actual photo of a Hooters Air plane. This is just an amateur Photoshop chop job. Please don't try this at home.

(December 31, 2002)

While some airlines are going bust (pardon the pun) one man is thinking there's gold in them thar hills. Bob Brooks, chairman of the Hooters restaurant chain, which is famous for its bodacious waitresses in tight attire has acquired Pace Airlines, a Winston-Salem, North Carolina charter airline with 17 aircraft (15 Boeing 737s and 2 Boeing 757s). The company is an established airline which provides service for tour operators, corporate customers, and sports teams. Pace was formed by management of the former Piedmont Airlines following the acquisition of Piedmont's commercial airline operation by USAir (now US Airways) in 1989.

Hooters said Brooks plans to establish a charter service, operating under the name Hooters Air, to provide leisure travel services for the golf and sports industry, with Myrtle Beach, S.C., as a prime destination. "The extent to which the famous restaurant's brand representation will be used in that operation, beyond the name, is a work in progress," Hooters said in a statement.

Hooters said Pace's current operations and programs will continue, with any new Hooters service operated separately. You might recall earlier this year Brooks unsuccessful tried to acquire bankrupt Vanguard Airlines. We'll continue to keep you abreast of any Hooters Air developments.

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