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E-Ticket Holders Will Need Paper

(September 12, 2001)

As the nation's airlines prepare to take to the skies again, additional security measures will be put into effect—measures that are bound to cause severe delays for travelers, especially for those with e-tickets.

The FAA has suspended curbside check-in at all airports. Customers will need to go inside the airport to check their bags at the ticket counter. Furthermore, customers holding e-tickets will need to print out e-ticket documentation or get paper tickets. Airlines and airports will be implementing the "sterile concourse" system, meaning that only passengers holding paper tickets will be allowed into the gate areas.

Southwest Airlines was the first to state that it is only allowing ticketed passengers in their concourses. All Southwest Airlines customers will need one of the following: a printed Southwest Airlines ticketless confirmation letter; a printout of their confirmation if booked through Southwest's website,; or their paper ticket. Similar arrangements are expected to apply to other carriers also.

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