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Silversea Q&A ~ Direct from the Silver Shadow
November 4, 2002

Q: "What are the passengers like on your cruise?" - A. Jameson, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dear A. Jameson -
It's a nice mix of International clientele, which makes for a refined ambiance. The overwhelming majority of the passengers are from Belgium, with a large group from Great Britain. Americans make up the third largest population; however, it pales in comparison to the two aforementioned groups. Besides British, Belgians, and Americans, there are: Germans, Canadians, Italians, Swiss, French, Irish, Scottish, Brazilian, and Maltese on board. The average age of passengers is between 50 and 60 years old.

Q: "What is the food like?" - R. Hughes, Cranberry Twp., Pennsylvania.

A: Dear R. Hughes -
The food is absolutely exquisite. Of course, cruises are notorious for mass quantities of food; however, the sheer quality of preparation and presentation stand out. Menus reflect many influences - traditional European classics with strong Italian input since Silversea is owned by an Italian family.

Q: "What are accommodations like?" T. Smith, Dallas, Texas

A: Dear T.Smith -
In a word: exceptional. Silversea has the highest space-to-passenger ratio in the industry. Silver Shadow accommodates a maximum of only 382 passengers. All of its accommodations are suites ranging in size from 287 square feet to 1,435 square feet and all 194 are outside cabins. More than 80 percent have private teak-decked verandas. Each suite has a large walk in closet with a bureau and safe, along with bathrobes and slippers. Bathrooms feature marble-topped double sinks, floor-to-ceiling Italian marble walls, separate shower stall and soaking tub; premium suites have Jacuzzi® tubs.

Additional suite amenities include 600-thread count Frette linens, down pillows and duvets, and Bvlgari toiletries. A fully stocked mini-bar refrigerator with an assortment of beer, wine, soda, mineral water, and Champagne is constantly replenished

Q: "I've always heard that Silversea is for the extremely wealthy. Do you find that to be so?" R. Hennessy, Phoenix, Arizona.

A: Dear R. Hennessy -
I wouldn't say that's entirely true. Yes, there are numerous well-off passengers on this cruise; however, there are those that have saved years to take this voyage. Now that Silversea has "Simplicity Pricing" -where select voyages are up to 50% off -I know more passengers will be able afford what Silversea has to offer.

Q: "How are the sailing conditions along the coast South America?" - W. Horner, Great Neck, New York.

A: Dear A. Horner -
Actually, the first three days were quite rough. Many on board have required motion-sickness pills and/or shots from the ship's doctor. Currently (day 4), conditions are much calmer as the winds have calmed. Temperatures are pleasantly tropical and sunshine has been prominent throughout the voyage.

Q: "What kind of entertainment do they have on board?" Y. Singh, Palos Verdes, California

A. Dear Y. Singh -
The array of choices is immense. Speakers offer enrichment lectures on various topics and ports of call. Guest lecturers include professors and experts in South American history, art connoisseurs, and a British Airways Concorde pilot, to name a few. There are Portuguese, French and Spanish lessons, computer classes, and cooking demonstrations. In the evening, there are classical pianists, singers, and a dance troupes. Overall, the variety is impressive. However, since the days are full, most people retire earlier to bed than most other cruises I have been on.

Q: "Compared to other cruises you have been on, how would you rate Silversea on a scale of 1 to 10?" - J. Fishbein, Chicago, Illinois

A. Dear J. Fishbein -
I would rate them a 9.5. I just don't believe in perfect scores; however, Silversea is close to cruise perfection as you can get. They have raised the bar of cruise excellence to a height that others in the industry will find hard to match, let alone exceed.

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