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Check-in using airport kiosks

Dear Anita,

My e-ticket was purchased by another party using their credit card. Can I still use a kiosk to check-in in St. Louis using my credit card?

Johnnie Jackson
St. Louis, Missouri

Dear Johnnie,

Yes, you can check-in using the kiosk; however, the usage of credit cards for identification purposes varies by airline. American Airlines (the predominate carrier in St. Louis) allows all domestic e-ticketed passengers to use a credit card - even if it wasn't the card used for purchase - for kiosk check-in. Other airlines will only allow the credit card used to purchase the ticket for kiosk check-in.

Having used kiosks many times, I have found the easiest way to check-in is to use a frequent flier card. Even if the ticket was paid for by a third party and your frequent flier account number is in the reservation you'll be able to use the kiosk. If you aren't a member of the carrier's frequent flier program you can sign up online or by phone and have your reservation updated with the number prior to heading off to the airport. It's well worth the effort to join since kiosks have become the quickest and most convenient way to check-in.

It's important to note that the name on the frequent flier card or credit card must exactly match the name as it appears on the e-ticket reservation. If for some reason you have difficulties with the kiosk, there's always an agent nearby that can easily find your reservation with either your passenger name record locator (PNR), your destination city, or your flight number. Kiosk check-in is not yet available for those passengers on International flights or those holding paper tickets.

I hope I've been helpful.

Anita Dunham-Potter

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