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Airline Miles & Divorce

Dear Anita,

I've heard frequent flier miles can be part of a divorce settlement. Is this true?

K. Bradshaw
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dear K.,

Yes, divorcing couples do fight over frequent flier miles in court. As travelers accumulate multitudes of frequent flyer miles, their frequent flyer accounts become valuable assets in the family pie. Lawyers note that trouble arises when the partner who earns the majority of miles refuses to part with them.

Airlines do no allow the transfer of miles between divorcing spouses. Because miles cannot be transferred from one account to another, miles must be cashed in or the court will put a monetary value on them.

Divorcing couples can find ways to split the airline miles amicably. Some agree to use the miles for their children's travel or sometimes they agree to split the tickets. The account-holding spouse will agree to allocate tickets at the specified terms.

I hope I've been helpful.

Anita Dunham-Potter

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