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War & Airport Security - What To Expect?

Dear Anita,

Now that the war is going on, will I see the same airport wait times as I saw after September 11? Should I get to the airport earlier?

Alice Boynton
Los Angeles, California

Dear Alice,

Keep in mind that the TSA was not operating during the September 11 tragedy. Since the TSA has been in place at the nation's airports for over a year they've had plenty of time to implement and refine security measures without drastically altering the screening process and impacting the wait times in airports. For the most part, TSA security screening measures are thorough, and can be altered to handle growing concerns without extending the wait times in larger airports beyond two hours. Still, it probably isn't a bad idea to get to the airport earlier these days. Another helpful hint is to check your carrier's website. Most airline websites provide up-to-date information on airport wait times. Read my feature, Airport Check-In: How Long Will You Wait?, it will help you plan accordingly.

I hope I've been helpful. Happy travels!

Anita Dunham-Potter

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