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Cruising For Free

Dear Anita,

Can you get a free cruise if you organize a group to go on a ship?

Harold Evans
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Dear Harold,

Yes, you can cruise for free -- it is referred to as a "tour conductor". Working in conjunction with a travel agency, tour conductors coordinate to pass along important vacation information to their respective group of cruisers. Groups can be family reunions, clubs, sports teams or leagues, hobbyists, etc.

Understand a large group of people must book before the tour conductor free cabin benefit kicks in. According to several travel agents I spoke with, the minimum is usually 15 individuals booking at least eight cabins. Again, this varies widely among cruise lines. Higher end cruise lines require fewer cabins more mainstream cruise lines require more. The nice thing is that the travel agency will do most of the work, including making bookings, tracking payments, making stateroom assignments, setting up special onboard events, etc.

If you like being a group activity leader than becoming a tour conductor is a great way to travel the world for free.

I hope I've been helpful. Bon Voyage!

Anita Dunham-Potter

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