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Appropriate Attire For Religious Places

Dear Anita,

My husband and I will be going to Europe on vacation and need to know what is the proper attire when visiting old churches and other religious places?

Jan Smith
Charlotte, North Carolina

Dear Jan,

If churches or other holy places are a part of your vacation itinerary, use common sense when packing and bring some modest articles of clothing. Bathing suits, shorts, and sleeveless shirts are out of the question at any religious site. This past summer, many tourists visiting the Vatican found out the hard way when they were denied entry to the city because they were wearing shorts and other more revealing attire. At both large, frequently visited cathedrals like the Vatican, skirts or dresses are preferred for women (pants are acceptable), and long pants are preferred for men. For questions you may have regarding a specific church, check with the area's tourism bureau or contact the church itself. If you're still not sure what is appropriate attire, check with the concierge at your hotel.

I hope I've been helpful. Have a wonderful European vacation!!

Anita Dunham-Potter

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