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Discount Theater Tickets In New York City

Dear Anita,

Is there a place in New York City where I can get discount theater tickets?

Evan Maddox
Plano, Texas

Dear Evan,

Yes, you can get discount theater tickets in New York City at the TKTS® booths. These booths sell Broadway, Off-Broadway, Dance and Music events. According to TKTS®, tickets are half or three-quarter price (plus a $3.00 per ticket service charge) and are available on the day of performance. The only hitch is you'll need to wait in line. Chances and choices increase if you get to a TKTS® booth before 5 pm. There are two TKTS® booths; one at Duffy Square (Broadway and 47th Street) and the other is at South Street Seaport (on the corner of John and Front Streets). All available tickets are posted on boards outside the ticket windows. TKTS® notes that changes in availability can occur on an hourly basis depending on box office demand. Payment is by cash or traveler's check, credit cards are not accepted. For more information, visit their website at TKTS®.

Another option for discount tickets is This site has discount codes that offer up to 50% off box-office prices. Check from their list of plays to see what saving codes are offered. When a code is available, the site will provide you with all the details to purchase these discount tickets. Best of all, there's no waiting in line.

I hope I've been helpful. Have a wonderful time in New York City!!

Anita Dunham-Potter

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