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Help! My Priority Club points went into the wrong frequent flyer account. How can I get them placed in the right account?

Dear Anita,

Last weekend (Oct. 5), I stayed at a Holiday Inn. I was looking forward to getting the points on my Air Canada AeroPlan account to use for reward travel. Today (Oct. 9), I called the hotel to make sure my points were credited and gave them my AeroPlan number. They said I needed to call Priority Club, who handles the points. Realizing that I had set up a Priority Club account some time ago, I went online to check my Priority Club account and saw the points from the hotel. Then I scanned over my profile info and discovered that it was set up to automatically route my points to my Delta Sky Miles account. I quickly changed it to the AeroPlan account. (When I originally set this up some 4-5 years ago, I must have entered this information. But I have been staying at the same hotel every year and have been getting the points on Air Canada. What I must have been doing in past years is presenting my AeroPlan & Priority Club cards at check-in and the points got redirected there.)

I called Priority Club to make sure I got the points where I wanted them. The representative stated that the points had already been sent to Delta. I then called Delta Sky Miles to see if they could send the points back to Priority Club. In my first call, the agent said of course they can get them back; the points don't appear on my Delta account yet so they are in limbo, therefore Priority Club can get them back. The agent gave me a number (which turned out to be the Priority Club reservations line) to call the liaison who could get my points back. The Priority Club agent, as before, said no. Again, I called Delta, explained everything that had transpired, and the agent there said, unless Priority Club calls and says there was a mistake, there's no way to reverse the points. Since Priority Club said they wouldn't reverse points, the Delta agent said it was futile to try get my points back. Is there anyway to get my points in the right account?

Peter Kabatek
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dear Peter,

Since you tried to rectify the situation within days of your hotel stay; I had a hard time understanding why they wouldn't change your points to the accounts requested. I contacted Priority Club on your behalf and received the following response:

"Dear Anita,

After reviewing Mr. Kabatek's letter and his Priority Club account I show that his account has been updated to reflect that Mr. Kabatek will be earning miles on his Air Canada, AeroPlan account.

I have addressed this matter by forwarding the 500 miles for the stay to his Air Canada account, and his miles should appear on his AeroPlan account within 3-4 weeks.

When a Priority Club member stays at a Six Continents brand hotels, Priority Club credit is issued based on the member's earning preference profile. If a member wants or needs to change his/her earning preference, they need to have this changed before check-out of the hotel on that stay. They can obtain these changes by calling our Priority Club Service Center or by visiting the following website

All stay activity within 56 hours prior to a member request will be posted to the account of the last Frequency Alliance requested. The terms and conditions of the specified Frequency Alliance program govern. Six Continents Hotel, it's parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, franchisees and agents do not assume the liability for Frequency Alliance miles/credits or the terms and conditions of any other Frequency Alliance program.

For Priority Club points that are converted to Frequency Alliance miles/credits in a Frequency Alliance program, the Priority Club Rewards Program will be responsible only for arranging for the airline or other vendor to post the appropriate credit to the member's account. Following such posting, all risk of loss, bankruptcy, theft or dishonor will be borne by the member, and there shall be no refund or conversion of Priority Club points into any other reward option. Once points are converted to Frequency Alliance miles/credits, they cannot be converted back to points or shifted to another Frequency Alliance program. A statement of that account will be issued by the specified Frequency Alliance program. Program participation will be governed by the terms and conditions of the specified Frequency Alliance program. If you choose to collect Priority Club points, you may convert points to Frequency Alliance miles/credits only in block increments for specified Frequency Alliances as listed at Members must consult their Frequency Alliance program to determine Frequency miles/credits needed to obtain the airline reward of your choice. Frequency Alliances reserve the right to change their program at any time without notice."

Best Regards,

L. Lopez

Priority Club Reward

Thankfully, Priority Club did the right thing by putting the miles in the requested account; however, by their own rules they did not have to do that. It's important for all travelers using affinity programs to do regular check-ups of their accounts and balances to be sure that points and/or miles are being placed in the proper accounts.

I hope I've been helpful. Happy Travels!

Anita Dunham-Potter

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