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Where can I get Las Vegas hotel discounts?

Dear Anita,

I've heard that hotels in Las Vegas have discount coupon books available, but you have to ask for them. Is this true?

Joan K.

Dear Joan,

Yes, there are abundant coupon books and offers available from Las Vegas hotels. All hotels are looking to entice travelers with a variety of deals. Many hotels offer 2-for-1 buffet deals, discounts on shows, free admission to spas, and much more. However, policies for distributing coupon books vary by hotel. Therefore, if you don't automatically receive one at the hotel you are staying at inquire with the hotel's guest services. Also, keep in mind that you don't have to stay at a particular hotel to receive their coupon book or coupons.

One resource that I highly recommend checking out before traveling to Las Vegas is the Sunday Los Angeles Times print advertisement section on Las Vegas hotel deals. These offers are posted online at Lastly, be wary of Internet sites that will send Las Vegas coupons to you prior to your trip. While some operations are legitimate, many are not. Remember you can always get the coupon books yourself when you arrive - again you have to ask.

I hope I've been helpful. Good luck and win big!

Anita Dunham-Potter

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