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January 5, 2004 

What's going on at US Airways? Relations between management and employees are downright nasty. Several weeks ago, US Airways' pilots called for CEO David Siegel and Executive Vice President of Finance Neal Cohen to step down. Will they step down? That's the question du jour and let me tell you, it's probably going to happen sooner than later. Stay tuned…

Speaking of US Airways vs. Southwest in Philadelphia, Terry Trippler, Airline expert at has some very important consumer comparisons of the two airlines. Basically, if you book "full service" US Airways you'll have many more options than booking "basic" Southwest. If a flight cancels on the "full service" airline that carrier has interline ticketing arrangements with other carriers whereas "basic" airlines do not. Lastly, one important fact that Mr. Trippler failed to disclose in his article is that consumers cannot book Southwest tickets on (or any other online booking service), but you can book US Airways' tickets on that site.

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